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I always wanted to do a year abroad. Since I was eleven. But who would have known that it would turn out like that?

Im sitting at home alone, writing my first Blog-entry. Blogging is for people without a life. Guess thats me then.

I came here 2 months ago, full of excitement. I was one of the lucky ones, chosen to do a year abroad, a year in the United states of america.

My host parents over here are nice, but they are strict as hell. I can't do anything. I nearly got in trouble for meeting a friend after school. I asked the mom, because she is the nicest, if I could go to a movie after school with a friend. She said yes, so the next day after school I drove to my friends house. Suddenly they called me and said: "Where the hell are you? We are waiting for you!" After I asked why, they informed me that they wanted to meet my friend first. So I had to drive back from my friends house and meet them. "Get your things and we´ll discuss this at home.", thats what my host dad said. He had to repeat it, because I couldn't really understand and process what he had said. "Get your things and we´ll discuss this at home." This was America, the land of liberty.

Back in my homecountry everybody told me school was a piece of cake over here. Well guess what, it is still school. My courses aren´t too hard but I guess I´m just to lazy to study. At least I got a few friends, although none of them are very close ones.

I have Peyton, a girl from my Biology class. She is probably my best friend. When I first met her I didn´t really like her. But as time passed she was the only one that talked to me, the only one that was excited about me being an german exchange student. So I started to hang out with her at lunch and now shes my closest friend in America.

 Then there is Carry. My relationship with her is pretty weird. We insult each other all the time. We even got into a bitch-fight once (it was at the homecoming-dance when she suddenly pulled my hair, and I pulled hers and then she shoved me and I shoved her back and in the end 2 guys had to grab us and seperate us. After that everything was fine again But I really like her. She has a hot brother :D.

Today she gave me his number and said I should text him in my mothertounge, because he could speak it and so I did text him(so much for my smarts). She had told me she told him about me, but apparently she didn't so I ended up making a complete fool out of myself. Is it better to be recognized as a complete idiot rather than not being recognized at all? Good news is he texted me back, not directly but every few hours. Then I asked what he was doing and he hasn´t replied since. Guess he finally came to the conclusion I´m a total stalker XD.

Then there is Mathew, a guy that I am totally not interested in, but I danced with him at the homecoming dance. Now hes totally into me and always asks Peyton and her little brother questions about me. When we went to the big footnball game on friday and Peyton saw him she was like: "Look whos there, it's Mathew!" And I just said: "Lets walk the other way." So we turned and nearly ran away. (He cought up with us and hugged us hello and then I called a friend and ignored him until he left again).

The first friend I introduced to my parents was Hillary and it was a complete desaster. I invited her to go to the american Oktoberfest with me and my host sister and mom. At one of the Jewelry tents she saw a bracelet she liked. So she just put it around her wrist and rolled her sleeve over it. Then she smiled at me ans asked: "Anything you like?" When I was eleven I got caught by the police, steeling jewelry. And I promised never to do it again. But I let her convince me it wouldn't hurt so I just took the necklace I liked and put it in my pocket. It was a big mistake. My host sister saw me and told her parents. They immeadiatly reported me to the organization I came to the US with and now I am on probation and not allowed to ever do anything with Hillary again. (although I´m still friends with her because she, too, is in my biology class)

And last and sadly least is my host sister. I have the feeling I will never be friends with her. The fact that she told on me wasn´t the thing that ruined our realtionship. It was the fact that she was mad at me, because she thought I wouldn't get punished enough. When I first came here I thought she was just really shy. She rarely ever talked to me. We had our moments, but most times we would just avoid each other. After the incedent I was even nicer to her because everyone expected me to. But she hardly said anything to me exept: "You still have to clean up your plate." Or: "No you are not allowen to do that". She never bothers to let me know what she is up to, and she dosen't even bother to tell me things that affect me to.

So I sit around, bored to death, when normally I would go out with friends, come home drunk and stoned and have a good night. I'm fine with the fact that I don't get drunk everynight anymore. That is pretty much what I expected from America, but I still miss it. And I thought my year aboad would be more fun than this. Honestly I already thought about changing familys. But I know that I can't after steeling and anyway I like the host parents way too much to change familys.

I can just stay and hope to make the best of it...and then blog about it afterwards

I hope I´m not a disgrace at blogging. It's just that right now, I have no one to tell anything to. All my friends arent close enough for me to tell them everything. And the ones that are are back in my home country.

Guess thats all I have to say right now.

See you tomorrow




ps: I know I suck at spelling and still have a few problems with grammar. Guess you have to get used to that.



































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